In Full Plume Summer 2018

Here is one of my process pages for my new collection! The process pages are definitely some of the most fun to explore my ideas! These are loose sketches that focus on the ideas as opposed to the perfection of the illustrations. I have gravitated more towards floral appliques as the detail in this collection thus far, and will gradually get into three dimensional flowers as well. These elements help give my collection a more couture look. This colection will be accented with subtle beading to give a touch of sparkle. I like maribou accents throughout the flowers as just a hint of feathers without going overboard. Feedback is appreciated! Feel free to comment down below!

"In Full Plume" Summer 2018

I have started the collection to coincide with my brand! I am often asked what "In Full Plume" means. For you to be "In Full Plume," you have to fully embrace yourself for who you are and express yourself in only the way that you can! The name originally stemmed from (no pun intended) the idea of flowers being so beautiful when they are in full bloom and the stages it takes for them to get there. The "Plume" comes from birds and how they are decorated with feathers or "plumage," which our human comparison is our clothing. We choose to decorate ourselves with our clothing each day, and those two ideas combined created the name for my brand! I am so excited to create this collection to further illustrate how I see the world through fashion. My initial moodboard combines flowers and feathers to literally illustrate the concept of "In Full Plume." There will be lots of flowers, petals, and feathers throughout the collection! Stay tuned to see how this collection develops and gives you a look into my perspective of how fashion relates to humans and to nature!

Love Me Knot Spring/Summer 2018

Hello everyone! Here is my first layout of the collection (click through to see them all). From here I will make tweaks and revise as well as decide which looks are stronger than the others. The final collection will be between 8-10 looks. I would like to incorporate more of the love knots throughout the final pieces to make sure my original inspiration is represented, and I will be making sure that the collection is more cohesive. I am so excited to create the final collection!

Love Me Knot Spring/Summer 2018 Inital Sketching

Hello everyone! This has been quite an interesting week for me, as my vision has developed. I have already created one of the garments for this collection (photos to come soon!) and I have started work on a second garment from this collection. This all started before I even started sketching. I have been having lots of fun exploring fabrics and construction. Constructing a garment first has helped shape my sketching quite a bit. It is easy to draw without thinking as much about construction, so I like the way my process has been working out thus far! I had some frustrations while illustrating, so I picked up one of my bottles of fabric paint and began to create 3-dimensional beading. They look like blue metallic studs! This has inspired me so much, and I cannot wait to keep sketching!

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Love Me Knot Spring/Summer 2018

The Algerian Love knot symbolizes the eternal bond between lovers. It consists of no less than three (sometimes more) rings interconnected and flattened to create an unbreakable knot. Knots have long been believed to signify strength in relationships. I am using this knot as the inspiration for a nautical themed eveningwear collection. I am inspired by the ability to love someone unconditionally from anywhere in the world. The knot signifies that there is no beginning and no end to to love, which means that through life, the couple is on an eternal journey together. This collection will have vintage and retro vibes while nodding towards the future, signifying that each love moves through time and while trends may change and recycle, love is timeless. There will be nautical elements as well as elements of the ocean and travel to signify love traveling through time. Follow my journey through this collection to see how it blossoms into a beautiful tribute to the love story of many! Here is a link to the location and art that inspired me to make this collection!